RM200 Rebate For 3G Smartphones: Online Application & Registration

Under Budget  2013, the government has announced a RM200 rebate program for youth which is  also know as Youth Communication Package (Pakej Komunikasi Belia). Under this  program, Malaysian youth under certain requirements can purchase a brand new 3G  Smartphone with a RM200 discount.
1st  Jan – 31st Dec 2013
Criteria  to get RM200 Rebate:
-Only  applies to Malaysian citizens from the ages of 21-30.
-Monthly  income of RM3,000 & below.
-Smartphone  models below the price of RM500.00
-Each  youth is only entitled to purchase one smartphone.
-Customers  can either use their existing mobile broadband or apply for new  packages.
*  Get more terms & conditions here.
*  List of approved devices / models & authorized dealers will be made  available on telco’s website starting from 1 January 2013.

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